Vishwanath Seshagiri

Second Year PhD Student @ Emory University


  • May 2021     Started my Research Internship at Katana Graph.

  • Jan 2021     CS 130R Intro to Python Programming [ Course Webpage]

  • Feb 2020     Gave a talk at FAST'20 Work-in-Progress Session on "Workload Clustering for Storage Optimisation" [POSTER]

  • Jan 2020     My undergraduate research work titled "A biologically plausible network model for pattern storage and recall inspired by Dentate Gyrus" got accepted to NCAA Journal. [LINK]

  • Aug 2019     Started my PhD at Emory University with Simbiosys Lab

  • Feb 2019     Gave a talk at PyData KTR on AI and Human Memory

  • Sep 2018     Started working with UMM Digital as a Python Developer.

  • August 2017     Joined Warhorse Education Pvt. Ltd. as a Coding Course Trainer, and Developer.

  • March 2017     Runner Up in Microsoft Code.Fun.Do Hackathon, invited to Hyderabad HQ for presenting the idea.


Vanakkam! I am currently in my first year of PhD at Emory University, where I am working on Distributed Systems. I obtained my BE in Computer Science in 2018 from from Department of Computer Science at College of Engineering Guindy, where I worked on cutting edge research with Dr. A.P. Shanthi, and Dr. Bama Srinivasan.

Currently, I work in Simbiosys Lab’s Systems Group, supervised by Dr. Avani Wildani and Dr. Ymir Vigfusson. My research interests is in the domain of Distributed Systems, where I am trying to make the systems more predictable. Currently, I am working on QoS Violations in Microservices with Dr. Francis Yan. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, and exploring new music options!


A biologically plausible network model for pattern storage and recall inspired by Dentate Gyrus
V. Vidya Janarthanam, Vishwanath Seshagiri> and A.P.Shanthi.
in Neural Computing and Applications[NCAA] (Journal).

Work Experience

S No Position, Organisation From - To Work Done
1 Research Trainee, Waran Research Foundation Jun 2015 - March 2016
  • Developed a Supercomputer Benchmarking Algorithm
  • Worked on replicating it as code in C++, and testing it.
  • Compiled reports of the results, in a graphical format.
2 Summer Intern, UMM Studios May 2016 - July 2016
  • Worked on a Facial Detection Tool using Viola-Jones Object Detection Framework
  • Integrated it with existing codebase, to feed input into the API module.
3 Coding Course Trainer & Backend Developer @ Warhorse August 2017 - May 2018
  • Worked on structuring and developing a coding course for multiple age groups.
  • Developed REST API and Admin Dashboard for a ticketing system to book slots for their courses.
4 Python Developer @ UMM Digital (formerly UMM Studios) September 2018 - June 2019
  • Working on a Review Management Platform for SMEs.
  • Aggregate reviews from multiple locations into a singular dashboard. Also perform statistical analysis on the collected data.
4 Graduate Research Assisstant @ Emory University August 2019 - Present
  • Working on Multi Tier Storage Caching
  • Exploring new ways to alleviate QoS Violations in Microservices
4 Teaching Assisstant @ Emory University August 2019 - Present
  • Fall 2019 Dr. Ymir Vigfusson's Security Course
  • Spring 2020 Dr. Avani Wildani's Algorithms Course
4 Instructor @ Emory University January 2021 - May 2021
  • Instructor of Record for CS130R Introduction to Python Programmin
  • Used Live Coding as a teaching tool
  • Designed the course materials, assignments etc.
  • Used GitHub Education's CI/CD pipeline for automating grading
4 Research Intern @ Katana Graph May 2021 - August 2021
  • Worked on a product wide distributed tracing solution.
  • Worked towards a solution for predicting number of partitions for a given graph.

Contact Me

Email: rootat1306 at